Our Secret Garden

I am currently taking a photography class and one of my recent assignments was to shoot portraits and self-portraits. So I made the Mr. come outside with me for the portraits and I began to realize how cool our yard is for photo-ops. We pretty much live in a secret garden.

Complete with a green hedge that is in front of our house and blocks passerbys from seeing in and an extended backyard or "pasture" (which is perfect for bocce ball). We also have an old red chicken coop and apple, pear and cherry trees. While our .5 acre yard means that my husband has to do yard work twice a week, it also means that I get some pretty scenery in our pictures. ;)

I have to mention that I was critiqued by my teacher for having taken pictures that almost weren't portraits. He said they seemed more editorial and like advertisements or something you would see in a magazine. I scoffed in my head. Not because I think I am some amazing photographer, but because to me these are portraits. Really, I took his critique as a compliment in a twisted way. I already know how I like pictures to look and having an editorial edge to them is my style. If he thinks they are too editorial, then I know they look how I want them to. I am not going to be a Sears portrait photographer, so I might as well explore the editing style that I feel best represents me as a photographer.

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  1. Yeah! Go you! I like your pictures, so don't worry about what your teacher says. I think they're cool portraits. =]