Featured Recipe: Polenta Cannellini Bean Torte with Caponata

While a majority of the recipes in the Flying Apron's cookbook are baked goods, such as cookies, muffins, pies and cakes, there are some delicious meals as well. In fact the first one I tried was the Italian Mushroom Apron Pockets with a Homemade Marinara Sauce that rivaled my mothers. Everything was so absolutely wonderful about them. From the fact that they were "pockets" with pinched edges, to the mingling of herbs and vegetables on my taste buds, to my love of having a dipping sauce. I was so impressed, as I honestly did not think they would turn out (I have had my fair share of failed attempts to make anything with a crust). They reminded me of little calzones and froze incredibly well for later suppers. Now I have to try the Indian Curry Apron Pockets. Mmm...

Another meal I have made, and the one I am featuring, is the Polenta Cannellini Bean Torte with Caponata. Not only was this tasty and packed with flavor, but it was a beautiful dish and fun to make. The torte was easy to put together and the caponata topping was delicious and Andrew raved about the rich flavor. It was a beautiful, delicious, hearty meal - what more could you ask for? Another helping, I suppose.

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