Forks Over Knives

I wholeheartedly recommend that you see this movie if you have the chance! "Forks Over Knives" is an inspiring, informative and encouraging documentary about having a whole foods, plant based diet. I was amazed and excited after seeing this film and it also made me feel really good about the way I eat, as well as wish that everyone could have the opportunity to see this film! I also learned a lot from the research in the documentary and look forward to reading some of the books and studies done by the two main men in it; Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. It was amazing to learn about the affect that eating a whole foods, plant based diet can have on disease; specifically its relation to controlling or even reversing degenerative diseases.

I have seen many food documentaries, like "Food Inc." for example, but this one was more focused and didn't feel quite as overwhelming or broad. I also did not feel like they came across pointing fingers or blaming people or glorifying vegans, but instead wanting to educate and inform society of their findings - findings so incredible that everyone should stop and take a moment to look at them. It made me want to go to all the people I love in my life and ask them to watch this movie, because I love them and because I believe this. I believe food can heal. I have seen it with my own mother, who after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis went on a very strict vegan-like diet. She is not cured, but she is amazingly healthy with very mild symptoms, most of which she attributes to her diet. Also, from a film standpoint, it was incredibly organized and kept me interested the entire time. It was really well done and in the end I wanted more!

Also, I ran into a woman after our viewing. Her name is Lori and she works at Bob's Red Mill. I actually recognized her from "the mill" and from all the help she has given me in previous visits regarding gluten free products and other various questions. It was really great to meet her and we briefly chatted about the film and being vegan. She also said she knows both of the doctors and said such wonderful things about them. Everything about the documentary, from the actual film, to meeting Lori and hearing her opinion on the men was so inspiring and reassuring!


I recommend checking out the film's website:


And seeing the documentary!

PS - They will be talking about it on Oprah tomorrow!

Happy Eating!

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